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HMS-1400 | Portable Sidescan Sonar System

Portable digital sidescan towfish and Sonar interface with true 16-bit processing,  Toughbox workstation, and GeoDAS software for high-resolution survey imaging.

Easy-to-use and low-cost, the HMS-1400 System provides single- or dual-frequency operation with depth, heading, and attitude sensors. The powerful GeoDAS software offers an extensive suite of capabilities common in more expensive systems, including display of real-time mosaicing of sidescan images on top of nautical chart data for effective image location, mission execution, survey planning, and advanced target analysis.



  • Single- or dual-frequency towed sonar sensor
  • Easily transported,interfaced, and deployed
  • True 16-bit processing provides high resolution images of bottomfeatures
  • Powered by GeoDAS software by Oceanic Imaging Consultants (OIC):
    • Automatic bottom tracking
    • Automated processing/contrast enhancement
    • Advanced target analysis/databasing
    • Supports common navigation chart formats – BSB, DNC, S-57
    • Extensive planning, management, and execution tools
    • Real-time mosaicing with easy export to GIS and Google-Earth
    • Compatible with OIC CleanSweep and HarborScan software packages
    • Ideal for port-security/changedetection work.
    • Optional support for XTF data format.

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