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Syscal Kid

Specifically designed for very shallow, high resolution resistivity and induced polarization sounding and profiling, the Kid is the most compact of the Syscal range whilst retaining the well-known reliability and measurement accuracy of its counter parts.

Easy-to-use, automatic, field proof, with its 1 measurement channel, the Syscal Kid is ideal for archaeological, geological mapping and civil engineering applications. Its small weight (4.1 Kg) makes it particularly adapted for the manual acquisition of surface resistivity maps.

The Syscal Kid allows a direct reading of the resistivity and the chargeability (computed on 1 window). The device features 6 predefined and a user-defined arrays.



Water resources

  • Locate conductive fault in fractured aquifer
  • Assess water table characteristics
  • Characterize salt water wedge extension in groundwater


  • Monitor pollution
  • Detect leaks and monitor degradation in waste disposal
  • Locate and image buried structures