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Syscal Pro

The Syscal Pro is an all-in-one multinode resistivity and induce polarization sounding and profiling system for environmental and engineering geophysical studies. The Syscal Pro gathers a 10 channels receiver and a 250 W internal transmitter which make it the more powerful system of the Syscal range.


Compact, easy-to-use and field proof, the Syscal Pro measures both resistivity and chargeability. It is ideal for environmental and civil engineering applications such as depth-to-rock determination, weathered bedrock mapping. With a maximal output voltage of 2000Vpp, the Syscal Pro is very adapted to detect deep fault in fractured aquifers or to characterize the depths and thickness of the groundwater aquifers.

Several options are available with the Syscal Pro such as the Fullwave mode to record complete time series of measured voltages during an acquisition and the Remote mode that allow for controlling automatically the Syscal Pro through a PC for monitoring purposes.

Several additional accessories are also available to use the Syscal Pro to increase the transmitter power to 1200 W, to perform measurements in borehole, to test the 12V batteries, to communicate via Bluetooth or to upload data on a SD card.


Water resources

  • Locate conductive fault in fractured aquifer
  • Assess water table characteristics
  • Characterize salt water wedge extension in groundwater


  • Monitor pollution
  • Detect leaks and monitor degradation in waste disposal
  • Locate and image buried structures

Natural hazard

  • Detect and characterize cavities
  • Assess landslide extension and volume
  • Detect and locate clayey layers for geotechnical application