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Syscal R1 Plus

The SYSCAL R1 Plus resistivity meter is specifically designed for medium-depth exploration. It combines a power source, transmitter up to a 200W or 600V output voltage, and a 2 channels receiver in a single unit; its compactness makes it an effective tool for intensive resistivity surveys.


The measurement is fully automatic, controlled by a microprocessor: automatic self-potential correction, automatic ranging, digital stacking for signal enhancement, error display in case of procedure troubles. The internal memory can store more than 800 measurements (3000 in multi-electrode mode) with full information on intensity, voltage, resistivity, IP Charge-ability, geometrical parameters and station number. A serial link permits transfer of the data to a microcomputer for plotting and interpretation of the data.

It can be used for civil engineering, groundwater and environmental projects, to solve problems such as depth-to-bedrock determination, localization of weathered bedrock. Its power makes it adapted to detect fault in fractured bedrock aquifers and to explore groundwater aquifers (depth and thickness).


Water resources

  • Locate conductive fault in fractured aquifer
  • Assess water table characteristics
  • Characterize salt water wedge extension in groundwater


  • Monitor pollution
  • Detect leaks and monitor degradation in waste disposal
  • Locate and image buried structures

Natural hazard

  • Detect and characterize cavities
  • Assess landslide extension and volume
  • Detect and locate clayey layers for geotechnical application