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The VLF receiver is specially designed for high productivity surveys, in ground water and mining exploration.

The capabilities of the previous SYSCAL VLF receiver have been greatly improved thanks to the use of new technology components.

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No orientation of the operator with respect to the direction of the transmitter is required since three magnetic sensors measure the components of the VLF field. Tilt or horizontality of the sensor unit is neither required since two inclinometers correct for tilted position.

The receiver can be operated in two modes:

  • The classical tilt angle mode, based on the measurement of magnetic-only components, and used to prospect conductive dyke-like structures that generally correspond to weathered or mineralized zones.
  • The resistivity mode based on the measurement of magnetic and electric components. In this mode, a short electric line and two metallic electrodes are used. Applications concern the prospecting of resistive dyke-like structures and geological mapping (structural studies).